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“ Joel is a one man funny farm!! God has blessed him with talent and humility. “- Kenneth Gilbride

​" Joel Roman is not only an amazing actor and comedian, but an awesome man of God! When you combine the 3 gifts....what you get is a “Performance” that is inspiring, real talk, funny, thought provoking, and exciting, giving a clear understanding of Who God said you are, and how to fight the enemy to walk in the promises God has given to you!! This performance had the children in our congregation riveted, excited, and wanting to meet the Super Messenger.....Joel’s gift needs to be shared in big ways.....PBS needs a Super Messenger Series!!! Joel Thank you so much for honoring Empowered Believers Christian Learning Center Williamsburg by debuting this show with us!! We Love You Brother, and look forward to your next visit!!! "-Candice Harris



Guys you missed a treat. Joel's one-man show is a blast. So refreshing to see him put together so many hilarious characters. One of his characters brought me to tears!! This character was physically challenged; he brought out so much that was in this character. Wow! Amazing!! And his married character, wow! He showed how easily even if you’re rooted in Christ you will still be tempted. But wait!!! One minute he also exemplified how the Lord will give that man a way of escape, if he will allow his spirit man to fight! I was all cried out- y'all I tried to keep it together...but the emotions for this phenomenal show is worth seeing tell everyone guys. 


- Ellen Ann Smith Sudderth

I was very excited when I first heard about the play "It Ain't Easy Being Godly". The title intrigued me and I relate as a Christian going through life experiences. Nothing prepared me for what I witnessed in this play, Brother Joel "El Nino" Roman is phenomenal in his depictions of many relatable characters. The scenes touched me because I saw myself and others I know. Joel is truly allowing God to expand his territories in so many different ways. The Word truly became alive in this play. The production was professional and well organized and the musical talents were awesome as well. Well done Native Productions and continued Blessings to the crew!! 


Deacon Twyla Camm 

First Fruits of Praise Worship Center 

Newport News, VA

Hey Joel,

I wanted to send a comment on your One Man Show (It Ain’t Easy Being Godly) the other week. It was inspirational, funny, and entertaining. I was accompanied by another Calvary Community Church member, who was impressed with the show as well. Hopefully, you will be able to bring it to our church one day soon. I believe they will enjoy it. I especially enjoyed how you implemented the Word from Bishop throughout your Show. Keep persevering and sharpening your God gifted skills.


Your Sister In Christ,

Terry Wilson

Ron and Pat Shelton Play Review For “Hollywood to Holiness ”“It Ain’t Easy Being Godly – One Man Show”

This past year we had the pleasure of attending the play “Hollywood’s Lost Child” “It Ain’t Easy Being Godly”. This play was not only written and directed by Joel, he also was the main character. The production was extremely entertaining as well as a pleasant surprise. His wife assisted him with a small part; however he primarily played all of the characters. Joel did a tremendous job of presenting a very smooth performance that kept the audience laughing. We felt as if the play was absolutely hilarious and was presented very professionally. The first time we attended this production was at the Old Hampton Community Center. At this production, we only saw the play. The second time we went to see him perform it was hosted by First Fruits of Praise Church, Newport News, Virginia under the leadership of Pastor’s Sherman and Pam Grant. This production included other entertainment such as singing acts, etc. This was well put together also. Although we have been able to observe Joel while serving as a greeter, this production introduced us to another side of him. The reserved, somewhat quiet personality is totally reversed in this play.One feature of the play that really amazed us was the perfection of his ability to deliver the word of God. His production was backed up with scripture and examples of why and why not. We were truly amazed at the settings/music that went along with each scene. His transitions from scene to scene flowed flawlessly. The costumes were unique to each character. Watching Brother Joel change into the different characters was amazing. Dressing up as Lola, watching him dance, etc. kept us laughing the whole evening. He did an excellent job in holding his audience attention. On one occasion, there was a phone ringing in the audience and he quickly added lines to his script, which displayed his ability to react to changes on the spot! At C3, we see a very shy and quiet individual, but on stage he allows God to use him in a way you would not believe. This production is centered on covering the things that keep us out of God’s will such as anger, pride, lust, jealousy, adultery, and Hypocrisy. Each of these areas have their own unique character explaining why we should not fall into these sinful acts and is backed up with biblical scripture. This play will make you laugh, but at the same time it will allow you to see how sinful acts will keep us out of God’s will. In talking with other people who attended the play, what really ministered to us was the transformation of Brother Joel on stage. In conclusion, we think this is an excellent play to see. Throughout the play Brother Joel continues to reference quotes from the different series taught at Calvary. It is our opinion that this play would provide an evening of laughter, fun and Christian entertainment to help people see “What thus said the Lord”. This play has a word for everyone and will leave you with a new attitude!!!! you to tell a story and let your users know a little more about you.





Joel is a talented actor and very funny. I felt like his characterization of "religious people" was very realistic with everyday struggles. I really enjoyed his costumes with all the different characters. He is a very nice person and definitely knows the word of God. I would definitely recommend his shows! -Tara Mayberry Delk



HUGE SHOUT OUT To Joel Roman for the amazing message i got from being at his It Ain't Easy Being Godly TOUR performance at Freedom Life Church last Friday!! I laughed, almost cried, was offended in the most graceful way. I could really relate to each charater he played and all of the scripture was SO POWERFUL and really spoke to me!! I got my signed photo of Joel and it says "the message i needed to hear" because i really came out of hurch that night overwhemled with the love of our Lord and even though I didn't want to hear some things i did, it was exactly what i needed! I am so greatful for Shai Boogie inviting me to this event at our church and truly Love Joel for helping me understand things from a whole new point of view. I pray that he keeps it up because he is litteraly changing peoples lives! THanks again Joel! please tag or message me when you will be back in our area for another show!! - Jessica Biondillo



In El Nino's play "Its Not Easy Being Godly" were reminded that to follow God is a test of your persistence to fight temptation as we are confronted by it everyday. Who said the walk with God would be easy? Through three different characters that are mostly portrayed in society, El Nino gives us a glimpse of their life and the struggle they go through in fighting temptation. Through each character's situation El Nino gives bible verses that each character translate in their own way and apply it to their individual situation. Watching El Nino's play "Its Not Easy Being Godly" reminded me how hard it is to walk in the faith of God and how God is using us as examples of testament to his faith.- Sean Banks



Joel Roman was extremely entertaining as well as a pleasant surprise. Joel Roman did a tremendous job of presenting a very smooth performance that kept the audience laughing. I felt as if the play was absolutely hilarious and was presented very professionally. The show excelled due to the quality of presentation, calling out scriptures, as well as the acting of different scene and personalities. 
Joel Roman use and delivery of the language within the play seemed to flow throughout, and his message seemed to have a thorough understanding and clear knowledge of the play. Its most definitely a show for all ages and for any occasions, Joel Roman is a roll model to many as well as for all the communities,schools, and churches in our state.- Judy Rivera



  I had a chance to see Joel Roman’s one-man show “It Ain’t Easy Being Godly” recently when he made a return to perform it in his hometown of Bridgeport, CT. It was quite an experience to see him shift through different characters on stage in front of sold out seats. I was impressed to see through these characters he was able to connect with the wide demographic of people in attendance ranging in age from the youth to elders and all different backgrounds. Somehow he managed to embody these different characters in a real way that was relatable to the lives of real people. You felt like these were real people that you may know in your life, and it was funny. On top of the fact that he is relating the stories of the characters with actual scriptures from The Bible makes it all the more fascinating. Roman is using his God given gift as an actor to spread the messages in scripture that resonate with him. I would definitely recommend seeing his one-man show, it was inspiring and entertaining. There’s only a matter of time before the world sees.- Bob Albert



 I mean what can I say. what I witnessed about the show was pure energy. every one at the show could relate to at least one character that you portrayed. the message was positive and uplifting. people were fed the word that night in a way that hit home for many. raw and uncut, pure genius comedy with a twist of salvation and life being poured into your bone marrow. what other way to spread the word of eternal life in heaven and righteousness on earth but through comedy like that. you killed it my boy. all Glory be to the most high!"-Gabe Castro




 I wanted to give a shout out to Joel Roman and his one person play from Hollywood to Holiness. His performance left me in awe. How amazing it was to see Joel, doing what he loves to do. I've known Joel for many years, we attended the same church. And so seeing him grow to be this inspiration to us was awesome. In his play he portrayed I believe 5 characters, each of which many of us can relate to while still keeping it clean and funny. I was in awe of the storyline, and that he did this without script. Amazing. I have no doubt that Joel will strive in whatever he sets his mind to because he is that dedicated to his work, and faith in God. Broadway watch out, Joel Roman is coming to you soon.-Maritza Muni Rodriguez


 " Enjoyed a wonderful evening out with Pelsby Norman. Went to see "God Don't Like Ugly" by Joel Roman. What a wonderful and unique way to deliver the word of God and souls! We were truly entertained and blessed by this play. Great acting/singing/rapping and truly did not expect the ending. If you ever have a chance to check it out, you won't be disappointed. "- Donna Norman

 " I really enjoyed myself at the show last night. It really touch my heart that there were people with disability in the crowd. And even a cast member with disability was in your cast. She inspires me to keep on pressing on in my life "- Shawntya Trafton

" I absolutely loved the show last night, it had a great message to it, and it encouraged me to keep using my gifts for God! Keep doing what your doing Joel and the cast of God Don't Like Ugly, you all are going to bring alot of people to Christ !"- Jarnay Maria

 " I truly enjoyed myself at the play " God don't like ugly" I enjoyed the rapper to the degree my family had to tell me to be quiet. The play has an awesome purpose. I love the Word and this play carries the Word all through it. Keep up the good work Joel and cast." -Lolita Trafton 

Hello Joel,

Just wanted to let you know that Raymond and I truly enjoyed the show. Your portrayal of the different characters were eye openers depicting real life scenarios (everyday challenges) people face using Biblical lessons Bishop and Pastor Natalie teach us at C3. Our lessons from Bishop provide food for thought as we run this Christian race as did your practical application in the characters you presented. (I loved the RED dress). Looking forward to your presentations at C3. Stay BLESSED as you pursue your passion.Much LOVE and SUCCESS to ya,Raymond and Diane

I went to see Joel perform (one man show) early this year and I didn't know what to expect. I was shocked and didn't know this side of him. It sounds like it would be hard to act out two people at the same time, that's brilliants. He was funny. It was very entertaining and Joel did an amazing job especially that Maria.- Debits Dixon


This was my second time seeing the show. It is thought provoking, humorous and emotional. Keep on going Joel. You are headed for greatness.- S. Stephenson


RonRealDeal with my man comedian Joel Roman. He did his thing tonight with his one man show called "It Ain't Easy Being Godly " tour. Please book this guy. I was blown away with his ability to make us laugh while delivering a life changing message.


 This is what Dwayne Ross had to say " Thanks for showing up and representing Jesus!




 by Gwendolyn Bowen :

You Want the Truth? Can You Handle the Truth?

I had the honor of attending Joel Roman’s “It Ain’t East Being Godly,” performance in Hampton, VA., in December 2013. A close friend invited me and I knew when I walked in the venue that his message and method of delivery would be different, but I told myself to keep an open mind. Oh my goodness, Joel’s message of the sinful goings-on of today combined with his innate ability to change characters and still stay within the subject matter was nothing short of amazing. From use to be “thug” to a “loving husband,” wanting to save his marriage, you didn’t know emotionally which way to go, sob or laugh hysterically. Joel’s performance is an in your face, check-yourself before you judge, real message that needs to be told and shared. No fog, no questions, he says it like it is, ask for forgiveness for your sins or reap the consequences of hell!


 I believe that people learn best when they are being entertained. Joel Roman's use of colorful characters to help people (especially young people) to understand scripture is outstanding. I worked for years doing life skills training and I learned that lecturing people about how they should live is a waste of energy. Joel shows his audience how incorporate scripture into their lives with humor and without judgement. Bravo!- Dr. Lori M. Hobson


 I enjoyed very much watching the dvd of the one-man show. Each episode gave meaning to the theme, it aint easy being Godly and was backed up with scripture. Good entertainment to use for any occasion. Thanks for sharing.
V. Thorne


On August 28 at Gospel Spreading Church,I had the pleasure of seeing the One man show "IT ANIT EASY BEING GODLY" perform by Joel Roman,I had been hearing about the show,believe me I was not disappointed,he put on a great,spirit filled show, He is truely a gifted young man of God,so glad we invited him to perform for our youth.Such a memorable performance.I hope everyone get a chance to see this show.Thank God for your ministry.-Charice Kelly Howell


" We enjoyed you so much! You had us laughing and crying! Such a powerful message and witness tool that you use. Can't wait to see you minister again".-Linda Gleaton

" I went to see the play God Doesn't Like Ugly and I must say it was a wonderful experience. Seeing all these young people teaching about Jesus Christ in a fun way, in a serious way, in a real way that keeps your attention was wonderful. Keep up the good work and hope to see more of your shows. I really enjoyed the Wanna Be rapper he was awesome."-‎Debbi Gillikin Sahr‎ 

" I went to see the show God Doesn't Like Ugly and I have to say the show was AWESOME. I would like to see them do more shows and I think they did a great job of witnessing about Jesus. It is a great thing they are doing getting the word out about Jesus in the way they did. The young talent in the show was completely amazing Joel did an amazing job with the crew he had they all did a wonderful job and worked very well together. I applaud them all. I was touched and moved and they deserved props for what they are doing and their message I give them a standing applaud. GOD BLESS THEM ALL!!!! My new thing to say to people "God Doesn't Like Ugly"-‎Debbi Gillikin Sahr‎ 

 " The show, GOD DON'T LIKE UGLY, was fantastic. I enjoyed all the cast and crew. I can't wait for the next show. It was Real. Thank you so much."- Garna Renauld Trafton


" Seeing the Play God Doesn't Like Ugly was very inspiring. Seeing the varity of races coming together to spread the word in a fun way and the young people teaching about Jesus was so wonderful and I hope they do more. I loved sitting there watching them they were wonderful and we loved it. They moved our hearts and touched it as well. "- Mr. and Mrs. Herring 

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